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Mini Mermaid Running Club was founded in 2009 to ensure ALL girls - including those living at the poverty line could have access to an awesome movement based self-development program. We believe in the power of our voices and know that moving our bodies is a catalyst for real, honest conversations about what might be holding us back or moving us forward. We teach girls about the two voices that exist in the world around us and in our own hearts by using two characters, Mini Mermaid and Siren. Mini Mermaid represents the voice of bravery, courage, and strength - the voice that reminds of what we know to be true about ourselves even when life is hard. Siren represents the voice of confusion, fear, shame, and anger - all real emotions that we need to learn how to work through. 


Our six-week program helps girls learn the tools they need to navigate life and these two voices. They learn how to have resilience, how to stand tall for themselves and others, how to recognize their own worth AND to fall in love with moving the way that makes them the happiest. 


Over the years, we have been fortunate to bring this message of bravery, courage, and strength to girls all over the world. Volunteer coaches work in small groups of ten girls as they learn all about Mini Mermaid, Siren, how to respect themselves and one another while training to do a local 5k race. The emphasis in not on who is the fastest but rather on each girl, helping them find their own strength and celebrate their uniqueness.


Mini Mermaids has four themed curriculums focused on the following: Finding your Voice, Loving Yourself No Matter What, The Power of your Words, and Choosing your Tribe. 


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Young Tritons was created to offer a unique opportunity for boys from all walks of life to learn the power of being part of a team, to discover how they uniquely fit in and how to advocate for themselves and others. We believe boys have the capacity to care for others, to stand up for themselves, and to redefine their strength - heart, body, and mind. Our character driven curriculum gives boys the tools they need to navigate the changing landscape of life with resilience, strength, and integrity. 


Young Tritons Running Club inspires every boy to become emotionally and physically balanced through self-compassion, empathy, cooperation, a broadened definition of strength and discovering the finish line is just the beginning. 


In small groups of 1 adult volunteers and ten boys, we are changing the lives of young men by shifting their internal experience and the way they interact with the world around them. Boys learn to train for and participate in a 5k race as a team. They start to hear their inner critic and how that voice might be holding them back and how it can move them forward. Over six weeks, they are mentored by caring, invested men from their community - if you see it you can be it. And we want our boys to see the kind of men they can be, those that know their heart, mind AND body strength. 


To get more information on starting a club or volunteering, email :

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